Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Distance: 15 km Duration: ~ 4 - 5 hrs

The Wieliczka Salt Mine (“Kopalnia Soli” in Polish) is a 13th century salt mine still in operation today, and one of the most popular sites for travellers visiting nearby Krakow. The idea of a fund day out in a salt mine might sound a bit strange, but the effort spent descending 200 metres by stair is hugely rewarded by a fascinating underground world full of tunnels, chambers, sculptures and even a church! The Chapel of St Kinga is one of the true marvels of Poland, an enormous hand-carved church hewn from the salt by the dedicated miners themselves. Even the chandelier is made of pure rock salt!

What’s included in your tour?

We will drive you directly to the Salt Mines in Wieliczka, saving you the hassle of trying to sort out transport for yourself. Our price includes entrance to the mines and a guide, who will show you not only the Chapel of St Kinga but also the smaller but equally fascinating Chapel of St Anthony, as well as an enormous underground lake. At the end of the tour, you will be whisked back to the top in a mine lift (an experience in itself) and then we will drive you back to Krakow. Whilst the salt mines make a fascinating trip on any day, they are an especially excellent option if it is raining or extremely hot in Krakow – dry, cool and comfortable temperatures are guaranteed underground, and indeed the atmosphere in the mine is so healthy that many people choose to spend a few days in them, the health benefits being legendary in Poland and beyond.

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